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A Community Council is a concept unique to Scotland, set up under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973. Community Councils:-

  • co-ordinate and express local views to statutory bodies, particularly to Aberdeenshire Council
  • promote the well-being of community residents
  • provide a means for people to voice opinions on any matter affecting their lives, welfare, environment and amenity
  • co-operate with other Community Councils in pursuit of the above
  • encourage and assist voluntary and other organisations within the Community area
  • are voluntary bodies with statutory rights of consultation

The Crathes, Drumoak & Durris Community Council (CDDCC) is one of over seventy Community Councils in Aberdeenshire.

Meetings are normally on the first Wednesday of each month.  Photos of officeholders can be found here. Click here to find out how CDDCC works

CDDCC meetings start at 19.30 and take place on the first Wednesday of each month at Crathes Hall.


CDDCC Constitution

 If you wish to contact CDDCC, please email the Chairman at
h.scholey<at>btinternet.com, replacing the <at> with @